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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Donald Trump needs to shut up!

Hendrik Hertzberg (The New Yorker) wonderfully puts how the birther issue involving US President Barack Obama that has been around in the airwaves is simply an idiotic hokum of the man who made it an unnecessary thing for the media to prey on: Donald Trump. Well, Hertzberg really didn’t, but it would have been a better idea to do so. So, let me do the job.
This guy is indeed a wicked piece of work. Well, putting it that way, it seems that Trump himself is a force to be reckoned with. Well, he isn’t. Putting my personal polemics about him, I say I’m not a fan of him, not in a thousand years. And seriously, even his show (The Apprentice) simply serves his megalomaniac constitution as a man bereft with sense and reason, but who is bulbous of histrionic tendencies and stupid theatrics. He’s also a narcissistic war-freak who loves to fight with celebrities, which only shows his need for spotlight. Well, hear this Donald, you’re a cheap trick after all! But I digress. Trump’s recent bold announcement of planning to run for president in 2012 makes me laugh it off and say, “Is he actually serious?” Well, Hertzberg says so. And for me, it’s damningly ridiculous. And besides, being bold is the only thing he’s good at. After his announcement, he’s been in almost every news, interviewed by curious yet judgmental men and women who happen to be only restrained (from giggling) by professionalism but who I think shouldn’t be if the man they’re talking to is the dumb old Trump. Thank goodness Letterman, O'Brien and Leno are there to bash Trump's craziness. But here’s the thing, his jibber-jabber about running for president is preposterous, nay, oafish in many ways. His interviews show that he doesn’t even have something to offer. His platforms are no different from the Republican blabbermouths in Congress. What’s worse, he keeps on bragging about how he would make a good president. A reasonable voter would think that he needs to prove it. But what he does is simply stating that he would – again – his empty words and annoying narcissistic rants are making him a laughingstock!
Hertzberg is right, by writing that the world is laughing at the United States right now, contrary to what Trump wants to do. Simply put, he shames the American people. For me, he shames humanity. And here’s another Trump-esque theatrics that only shows how clearly incompetent he is at the end of the day – the birther issue. Trump incessantly questions Pres. Obama’s birth, trying to rid of the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency. I would say, Trump is no different from those who previously accused the President with the same issue. Well, actually he’s different. He makes it official that some people like just can’t understand simple stuff. And it makes him shallow a Presidential-aspirant. It only shows that Trump cannot engage the president in hardcore and high-brow issues, that’s why he settles on trivial and unnecessary ones. Now who would like a politician who acts and thinks worse than a 5-year old? No one, of course! His amoebic thinking is nauseating, simply put. And Trump’s idiocy is made official by the President himself. Obama is right to point out that such issue is gearing away the attention of the country in tackling issues with great importance. And the president sufficed as much as 50% of Americans, a third of Republicans and pretty much the entire world evidences that suggest that Trump is simply going nuts! But what Trump has been doing? Announcing how proud he is that Obama had finally released his birth certificate? I don’t know in what Universe what Trump is bragging about is an accomplishment or something to be proud of. Simply put, Trump shouldn’t be taken seriously about his Presidential delusions. And he needs to shut up and walk away from any political aspirations of his. Not only he’s hurting GOP, and trying to overshadow the competent Republican stock (as affirmed by polls, which is again a ridiculous manifestation of Trump’s growing idiocratic propaganda), he’s making the whole Presidential campaign a bogus one. Someone has to shove a dirty sock in his throat to cease him shaming humanity.