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Monday, November 8, 2010


The Midterm Elections

Tacky - is what I would comment on the course of the midterm elections in the so called Land of Opportunity. Not per se though, since this is the most expensive campaign trail for a midterm election in the US history, but indiscriminately gauche when you think about or boil down what you think about the way the candidates engaged one another this time. It makes me smile especially when the press and overindulging media keeps on making fun of O’Donell being a witch (which she helplessly tried to defend she isn’t), but her past revealing some of witchy element was a total kill shot. Hold on, ladies and gentlemen, this woman abhors masturbation. Yes, would you believe that? Wrong move, Christine. Absolutely unnecessary. Whatever ethical contentions, or even worse, reformations you have, sure do that the men of talk shows would totally dig on that. Leno did a pretty good job mocking our dear Christine (in several instances maybe) in the Tonight Show. Leno asks, “So, she never had masturbation”. I’ll stop here. Let your imagination and creativity work itself up.
Witchy-ness and anti-boohoo aside, O’Donell was a total screw up because she appeared to be so like the politically disgusting hominid Sarah Palin. Yes, the reason among others why John McCain might have potentially got screwed on his way to the White House. Why her? I’m no anti-GOP or anti-Conservatism (maybe in some way), but to be honest, the GOP interests me more than the Democrats do. But later on the Democrats. Anyway, the “pivotal” event in this year’s midterm elections is the influence and role of the not-so-stupidly-named Tea Party Movement. Who are these people? Put it this way, they are simply the best of the Conservative/Republican breed that feel that their comrades in government is losing ground for power, and so they suited up as the saviours of the party who embody the same ideals as theirs. More importantly they think the US Constitution is under attack. What makes it pivotal? The fact (maybe in some extent, as I opine here): Rush Limbaugh isn’t really behind this so-called movement. Who is? Common people who air their voice to mold a collective power in saving the dying Republicanism. Sounds too dramatic? Sounds familiar when you talk about the ever formidable Glenn Beck imitating Dr. King or Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert trying to do the same (the big difference is, Stewart and Colbert gathered more audience than Beck – but on this note, both seemed invoking less originality but the message is entirely different and ‘liberal’...more on this later).
However, what disturbs me is why Palin considered the face of the Tea Party? Isn’t it that she’s one of the reasons why this grassroots movement is there in the first place? To stress unceasingly that the Republican mojo is losing? And the likes of Palin are a mistake in very first place? Anyway, enough of the politicking, let’s move on to what I’m trying to explore here. It’s simple. The midterm election is no better than the usual cutthroat brand of modern American politics. It got worse ever since. It’s inevitable. Even the presidential race two years ago went on the same road, as many would expect that the articulate Obama wouldn’t embrace this kind of political strategy, yet he got some along the way. But this time, it’s funnier. It unravels more about who run, suited to run and unworthy to run the Americans’ Congress. We cited O’Donell of Delware, who lost maybe because of the gaffe, worsened by media flare and talk show mockeries. McCain’s daughter even called her a ‘nutjob’. We also looked at the overratedness of Palin under the Tea Party. Don’t the people behind this deserve more the credit than this woman does? She’s just a piece of frustrated politico who likes to prove herself she is capable of running the White House in the future! Do you know who’s more likely to win than her? My neighbour’s dog! But you get the point. Palin is not the epitome of the Tea Party. What did she do significantly in the first place? Endorse candidates. Yeah, I get that, maybe the same as Manny Pacquiao endorsing Harry Reid, like he knows who this guy is. (I have a theory, if Reid wins, Manny will be too welcome to visit Las Vegas anytime he wants, free of charge – the magic of perks and privileges. How great is that?).

It’s tacky.