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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brown resigns, Cameron is new Prime Minister

Gordon Brown’s resignation as Labour Party leader on Tuesday headlined a victory for the Tories. Following the May 9 election results where the Conservatives won the most (but the majority) seats with the Labour slipping down to a loss of more than ninety seats, ultimately resulting to Britain’s first hung parliament for the past 36 years, tensions have been significant as much as it has been fruitful.
With the Liberal Democrats sealing the deal with the Conservatives (and not with the Labour), a coalition government was formed and the Queen invited David Cameron to form a new government. This was almost predictable. Even prior to the negotiations between the three major parties, Nick Clegg in his speech expressed that the Conservatives has the ‘right’ to govern this time. But all this has to do with Clegg himself, and part of the credit belongs to him. Cameron’s march towards 10th Downing Street could not have been possible without the kingmaker. And he himself as the Deputy Prime Minister, the new government with Cameron will certainly make a brand new political atmosphere in the Parliament and the system as a whole.