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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When some trade morality for bucks: The Case of the Dalai Lama in South Africa

What is more ridiculous, dishonourable and dissolute than what the South African government did to the Dalai Lama? What is more amazingly stupid and grandiosely pathetic than rejecting the Dalai Lama’s visa to go to South Africa because he is not a matter of national interest? What is more appalling and loathsome than establishing propaganda in stopping someone from voicing out and fighting against the anxieties and the atrocities in Tibet and in the rest of the world – when many people die because of excessive crimes and violation of human rights? What they did is a pure conspiracy against a man who tries to free his people from Chinese oppression and who tries to speak to the world of the same circumstances and situations that many suffer – suffering not only by the Tibetans but by all others in the world who share the same pain and grief. It’s not just right to violate one’s right to be free, to live peacefully.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Tibetan struggle for freedom from Chinese cruel occupation and inhuman oppression and persecution - the beatings of the Tibetan monks, the excessive crimes, the destruction of Tibetan culture and the subjugation of the entire Tibetan nation and so on – all happened for five decades and counting. Nowadays, it’s not just good to be too kind and to be too soft towards this issue - I personally have to be harsh and critically bitter against the “enemies of the world”. Now, it’s time to wage war against the few who exploit the many and we should try to vanquish the war.

Here's the thing: in dire need of money, some risk the rights of others. The rejection of the Dalai Lama in South Africa is a pure manifestation of political influence from the Tibetan leader's enemy - China. The case is that the reason given by the South African government on why rejecting the visa of the Tibetan monk is that he is not a national interest for them. Yeah, right. Just tell us honestly - is it really because you're afraid of China that if you welcome their enemy to your country, they will withdraw their investments in your country, ultimately demising your nations's economic welfare? Guys, I tell you, here's what you should inculcate in your nasty realpolitiking brain nuts - the lives of the Tibetan people and all other oppressed ones (especially by China) are more important that just mere money. It's nothing to compare to the rights of these people to live in purest liberty. I mean, come on, let's be reasonable: you are a sovereign nation - hello Mebeki - and don't be a foolish puppet of the Chinese government. I understand your situation right now - that you need to buffer economic woes considering the global economic crisis. It's a factual problem as everyone knows. But the violations of human rights had been a problem for decades, even centuries - and this problem is not about money-making - it's about the fundamental right of man to live. Guys, what you did is nasty politics. If you're afraid of China, cut off your ties if it will only perpetuate crimes against humanity. People, dear people, everyone wants a free, peaceful world - not money at the end of the day. You just have to realize that the capitalist hegemony of China is a subjugating tool that influences your political, economic and social judgments - to the extent, influencing your stand on the issue of their oppression in Tibet.

To the Chinese government, please, stop using other countries in spreading your dark actions and plans against Tibet. Free them, they deserve it.

At the end of the day, everyone has to understand that there are people who are sacrificing their lives just to protest the Chinese oppression of Tibet - many are detained, many are killed just because they push a cause for the protection of rights of these Tibetans. To the world out there, it's sound judging to make choices against actions that prejudice and jeopardize world interests. If we all fight for the preservation of the human race, let's start by freeing ourselves from blindness and see that there are still evil men in this world and we have to just fight them because they cause a lot animosities right now. Free Tibet, respect human rights. Let us support the Dalai Lama. Everyone deserves a peaceful, sovereign place to live.

(Note: I am sincerely expressing right here that I don't mean to generalize Chinese oppression as a work of the entire Chinese nation. I personally know that there are Chinese individuals who protest against the oppression of Tibet and with that, we have the same cause to pursue. Also, I know that there are South Africans who expressed disappointment and abhorence to what their government did (like Archbishop Desmond Tutu), and so, with the South Africans who also fight for the cause of the Great Tibetan leader, we have the same cause to fight for.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For a better Iran, put Seyed Khatami in office, will ya?

A few months after George W. Bush impressively avoided the Iraqi shoe-thrower's "weapon of mass humiliation" although he was so mocked and "absahed" all over the place (to bad that Iraqi was detained)... (which was a funny scene, by the way, especially the way he docked and that funny facial expression - (laughs) - it was historic....(chuckles,....giggles)) and the almost-there-to-embarass-in-front-of-the-many (Bush was also embarassed in front of the world, worse) attempt of a student to hurt the cute face of an Asian leader, an act to second the limelighted Iraqi reporter or to just popularize the shoe-throwing obsession and culture, a shift from a unique comedy to a sad ideal just happened: enough of the Arab funny moments, Seyed Mohammad Khatami withdrew from the presidential race in Iran's near elections. So what about it? Here's the story, pals.....
First off, how do we describe Ahmadinejad? (the incumbent, the sickly [yeah right - politically sick, that is] Iranian President) : the extreme populist head of Iran, the anti-West captain, the "Nuclear-ly" obsessed kiddo who likes to play around with it......kabooom.... and, well, (by the way, at this very moment, I'm visiting his blog and just to prove something, I hold nothing against him, it's just that Khatami would make a better president than him) the still likeable friend,,,,but it's too much of his popularity - it's time to change the face of Iran - Ahmadinejadism needs to be replaced, politically. Now, the best replacement? Khatami, of course: the moderate, the liberalizing, the reformist, the "unharsh", the good guy who won't blow up our asses someday. Whoooops, I said it. But the news struck me - he withdrew from the race! What the ____________! The reformist character of Khatami is a strong start for Iran to reach out to the world after Mahmoud closed Iran with its hatred to the world, especially to US. Khatami's liberalized political approach can open a multi-lateral, multi-polar relations that would better off the country itself. To prove, unilateral countries brought civil atrocity and economic illness to them, i.e, N. Korea, Cuba, etc. Mahmoud's anti-West ideals have evolved into a total world-hating propaganda, not reaching its diplomacy -  the need for international cooperation is the key to wotld peace - and not by hiding nuclear bombs that would blow up anybody someday. Now, here comes Khatami - the good guy - he who holds no extremist views, he who is not radical, the diplomatic pacifist and the right guy to establish a true multilateral cooperation. The effect: no support for terrorist groups, no support for Hamas, it will end "taking sides" - it's time to negotiate things - not messing up with the enemies at the end of the day. Now, we have to choose - an ass-kicking radical head or a pacifist, reformist one? Unfortunately, Khatami withdrew. But he's supporting another reformist, moderate contender - that's the sound, relieving story. If the issue is to end an aggressive regime that supports Hamas against Israel through guns and bombs and others - it's not the way to end all the atrocities around us. It's time to make a choice which is bright and fulfilling. We don't want a president who wants to bomb people (same also to the warmongers out there, you're not safe from criticisms.....). We want somebody who knows how to be humble, who knows how to talk and settle. Negotiations can win us. Force and violence or the support for it will never win us. At the end of the day, for an Iran which is peaceful and sound-judging, put reformists and moderates, not the warfreak extermists. God help us all.! 
Khatami, too bad you withdrew. But we support the one you are supporting who will hopefully replace Mahmoud. Guys and gals out there, there are a lot of things to learn from this. 

"The Age of Nuclear War is not a worthy inscription for the history of man."

I'm Conan-ized: Gonna miss Conan-Comedy - A Farewell

More than just being nostalgic, beyond the normal late night fulfillment, more than just a piece of funny face, a piece of true comedy - when Conan departs the Late Night and Jim's taking over, it's sad and resurrecting (cue X-Files theme music - hehehehe).
Few things: Late Night with Conan O'Brien is the best talk show ever (for me, of course - but if you want to dispute who is the best late night talk show host, It's gotta be Conan otherwise it's time to argue...), the unique toast of true late night comedy.....errrr.....true montage of comedies ever to be woven - simply stunning, great and comedic in essence, the show is....well....uncontestedly winning among the rest (no offense Dave, Jay, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest - it's just that Conan has the better guts to be funny.....really....effectively - and he's smart and witty). Conan O' Brien: the name says it all. Not to be biased but to give credit to the rest of the clan of comedians (I mean, the mentioned above and the rest, still) you are all worthy opponents of Conan, guys, but Conan rules over you. Goodbye Late Night with Conan O'Brien! Hello, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Jay, you have to step aside coz Conan's taking over. Farewell, Jay. (Gonna miss the Larry King, Arnold impersonations, the awkward signature dance, Max, the Horny Manatee and the rest. Oh, oh - gonna miss Pierre, too. hahaha)


Oh, When Unscrupulous Hookers Come To Town: The Queen Bitch‘s Should-Be Last Days

The Mother Hoe who grabs whatever out there that suits her taste and foul spirit – cheating wildly, trashing boys around that she had before and, well, irrationally messing up those boys’ expectations - simple description of her – an unnecessary cheater, overbearing glutton (figuratively), crude sonuva___, unprofessional lover and well, pretentious melancholic lass-trash. By the way, you really have to be professional in dating because you don’t want to mess your repute by dating a guy in proximity to your another clandestine lover. Whoops, I said it. God help me. Her code name: K. A. H. Notice to the audience, if your name is so much the same (if in acronym) to the one above, it’s purely coincidental. Let’s move along the crusade against the Mother Hoe.

                First rule of war: Know your enemy.

                Ladies and gentlemen, crusaders, the enemy who hopefully will drop by my blog, the issue: an untamed lioness (or girl) is out of the cage, mauling others by cheating them. Such sad a story but a vengeful one – the crusade is taking up arms against the Mother Hoe’s evil plans.

                To the Mother Hoe:

                Lady, you’re such  a wicked garbage, by the way. You think of yourself as a divine beauty walking by the alleys, corridors and everywhere – hello – you’re a walking filth. You think you’re “Helen –like” who can launch a thousand ships, but you’re not although you can puke trash. Madame, I don’t know what you’re up to but the surest thing is your hooking up many “someone’s” then murders them after. K. A. H., you’re one hell of a goddamn mistress who thinks in distortion, in pure out-of-nowhere reason and.......oh.......please, you’re a streetwalker. (Someday, you’ll thank me for using not-so-harsh, humble words...hehehehe). Please, oh please, you’re not only stooping yourself, you even demise others. I’m not one of those whom you’ve thrown away . Anyway, you can’t simply make a fool out of me or you’ll be very sorry. I don’t just wage war, I win them – bloodless or in bloodshed.

                To the crusade to which I belong whose aim and ultimate pursuit is to poke the closed eyes of the Mother Hoe which harnessed the darkness of her conscience (that ultimately, caused her to dump people) and the only entity that can, hopefully, end the tyranny of the Mother Hooker – it’s time to save the blinded, lulled, manipulated soon-to-be-victims of her and redeem them from eternal damnation accursed by the Mother Hoe. And it’s time to end her days.

                Seriously, it’s not just right to cheat in a relationship. It’s not right to assassinate your lover by having another or others. Fundamentally, it isn’t good to assassinate. At the end of the day, you become a fat bellied-monster, an overeating serpent, a ravenous b*tch – just not the right girl to trust. K. A. H, whoever you are, please, stop eating, stop munching others, stop being such a damn a*hole. Drown yourself..........


(Watch out for the next Anti-Cheaters  Manifesto!)




The Cases For the Talk Show Wizards: The Glory of Evening Comedy

Honestly, your life would be awkwardly strange, incompletely meaningful, boringly unhappy without a dose of Late Night comedy. Ladies and gentlemen of all ages, kids in town, streetwalkers, scholars, biatches, liberals, conservatives, nihilists and the wonderful me, please give a square of applause to......(drum rolls)......the Talk Show Punidts, the Comedic Nocturnes, the Wizards: Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, David Letterman and the soon-to-be-in-town Jimmy Fallon.!  
What's more brilliant and stunningly magical than the jokes and comedies of the Trio (of course, I mean the three people above, except Jimmy who hasn't stepped on the first inches of the Late Night portals)? Jay Leno, (yeah right, Pres. Obama was your guest recently, the first incumbent US president to be your guest - how grateful) the slightly-funny white-haired, long-chinned fuss - too bad you're leaving - but anyway, cheers and best lucks for you. David Letterman - the talk show hermit, the Gandalf amongst others, the unbelievably joking old man who just married his girlfriend! What a news, by the way! Hey, boy, can you slap me in the face? I'll give you a buck! Conan, (not Conan the Barbarian - corz' you won't expect the Barbarian to be funny - OMG - I'm gonna p*ke!) - the skinny, pale-skinned Deity of Comedy - gosh, I'm a Conanized fan, you know. 
Let's talk about Letterman. McKellen acting, Barbara Walters hosting in The View, John McCain on defeat and here comes DL (as in Da Le), David Letterman, reigning supreme for years in evening talk shows, the senior comedian - the old guy with unique card-spinning abilities (I want to learn how he does that) with an intriguing studio backdrop/background (not to mention Paul Schaffer's unnecessary role in the show aside from being a musician - I admire him so much). Letterman on feud before with the Divine Oprah the Goddess? Wheew. Too bad Oprah didn't use her superpowerful abilities like pulverizing stare, etc. I won't mention furthermore. At the end of the day, Letterman passes the Comedic Circle. He's witty, smart, funny at least and has a good show production (Please stop Paul destroying the Letterman Comedic momentum - it's irritating - just be a musician, for a while). David Letterman, David Letterman - you should stay - good looking - laughable - and wise Socratic. Go, old man. Talk more
Jay, Jay, Jay....the Thespian one. I'd like you to play the Fool in King Lear. Anyway, off the record, let's be honest - isn't he amazingly less funny? I don't know. No much to talk about the Jaywalker. But you pass, anyway, at least, for now.
The Bestest Comedian-who-happens-to-be-a-writer-in-the-Simpsons, Conan O'Brien - although from the start, his comedy was unappreciated but look at him now - isn't he an icon? Oscars host - what more can you ask for? Now, he's leaving. I'm sad. Sober moments. But the best part - his comedy is versatile - he is versatile - he is a true comedian. Hail, O'Brien. Hail, Conan!
The new guy - sexy, savvy, good looking, nice guy, handsome, blah, blah - he's "crushable". Jimmy Fallon, hello and welcome! Oh dear, you'll be one hell of a great host of the Late Night. I so love you. Anyway, good luck!

,........and now the Gods of Comedies depart from here. Watch them. They rock! Please, honestly, you have to see at least an episode., it's like missing an info about American Idol if you haven't seen them yet.  But take your time. Magical.!!! 

Fattening the Fat Execs: Boos for Bonuses in AIG!

The Gluttony of the Century: full of shame, lame behavior and....what else could you slap to the faces of the bonus-eaters in...grrr....AIG! One thing is for sure, the tax payers' money go nowhere but to the oversized, super-widened throats of greedy Class A Morons. What is purely and mainly bastardazing and temper-bursting about them is their unwise use of federal bailout (which is by the way, ignorantes, the money of the people).
I know, I know what brought you down to your knees with your fellow money-hungry jerks - it's greed beyond repair of your souls! You untamed bankers are but useless lenders. First off, what brought you down (seriously) is your unpampered control and discipline to lend and give excessive credit (no offense but if you can't pay for yout credit cards, don't be a fool to add up your burden). Oh, oh, calm down, dear babies,,,,don't cry, it's your fault anyway. Now, you have no money to operate, to lend and to start up another age of gluttony, if you will (until your heroes come, the bailouts). The $ 170 billion federal bailout is a huge amount to start up your once-thought-to-be-ungreedy-until-now banking institution. Guys and gals, hear this, the economy is falling, the Age of Thrift is to be woven by us otherwise all of us will suffer, don't overbloat your noisy bellies for greed! Come on, people! $ 163 million worth of bonuses for your executives, still? You've never learned? When will you learn? That $ 163 million could've used for further lending to the jobless and the money-less, so they can start new lives - not wasting it for bonuses! Are you wages not enought to satisfy your dragon-like stomachs? Yeah right, that's why you need those bonuses because of your insatiable mouths! People, Christmas is 8 months from now - and the economy is not well yet when get there! Here's one thing, the economy is sinking, your heroes (Obama, Geithner, the Fed) is bailing you out (cleaning your messy mess) and now, you're just wasting the tax payers' money for luxurious bonuses for good. But for the people, it's not their consent to give you bonuses.
At the end of the day, one thing is for sure - some....ehem....can't just learn and understand the situation the world is in - some........(sigh).......just don't have morale (ok, morality is a shallow issue nowadays, say, not morale but working brain). As the economy wishes bad lucks for most, we should be very reasonable and wise-judging - stepping on thin ice is not a worthy idea to credit. Now, AIG people, go with the trend that you don't have to conform but you need to - be wise spenders, good consumers and good decision makers. You are all over the news....and let me ask you....does it sound good when being mocked? I don't think so. So, right now, your heroes who gave you the $ 170 billion from which you took $ 163 million for unwise bonuses are trying to take it back. Ha! It's hard to catch fish nowadays. You've not only let go of the chance to rebuild but you've lost the people's trust and propelled their utmost anger to you. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Urgent Action against Inactive, Deaf Ears:

The Urgent Action Against Inactive, Deaf Ears: The Sad Story of Unwillingness to Hear Others' Opinions and Thoughts

Let me ask you, dear audience, guilty folks, unworthy victims (like me) and this post's main targets - the mediocre, selfish ones-who-do-not-have-ears-to-listen-to-you - does it hurt when somebody or some "bodies" do not listen to whatever words you say when you tell them and then "steal" afterwards what you've just said, which they intentionally or unwillingly ignored? Getting one's idea, stealing it, robbing it or you name whatever suits it is simply a mockery of one's right to be heard and disrespect of one's right to opinion. Socrates' tragic death was a result of ignorants' unwillingness to listen to him. Now, let me say to those who did the same to me (whom I will not mention otherwsie they'll feel awkwardly stupid beyond their normal idiocy) - it does hurt, annoyingly, infuriatingly, bastardizingly when you're saying something and no one listens and/or welcomes your idea, then steals it from others and then throws it back to you. This is the situation - I was saying something like  - something logically easy but no one can get it (maybe that's why they don't listen because they lack simple comprehesion to simple logic) - then turn away from you, do not listen, ignore what you're uttering (which is in the first place, the crux of the matter which is being discussed) then listen to others, having the same idea with me....and the ignorants and pathetic targets of this post will poke your face with the same thought.
For example:
Me: People, the Status of Forces Agreement will end American Military occupation in some parts of Iraq as part of the plan of Pres. Obama's withdrawal timetable.
(Seriously, I don't even think they know what this means but anyway, it's just a situation because if I post the real situation that happened, they will wage war against my Empire.)
The Ignorants: ............. (a metaphor for malfunctioning brain cells)
The Other: Hey, The Status of Forces Agreement terminates military occupation in Iraq.
The Ignorants: Hey, eMiL, according to "The Other" (let's just keep this "The Other" in clandestine for repute security purposes) the Status of Forces Agreement will terminate US military occupation in Iraq! Isn't it great?
Me: Yeah, it is. Where did you get that? (Inside my mind: These bastards are one hell of a bunch of infidels. How stupid can they get? So lame of them. I just died from their stupid assassination.......)
The situation above gives overall clarity of what I feel. Infuriated I might be, everyone can relate. In his Little Prince, Saint-Exupery writes, "Words are the source of misunderstanding". It's true, very true. But these words are only misunderstood when no ears are willing to hear and understand it. Our freedom to express are not only limited by insecure media-haters, "ignorantes", guilty sonuva____ invididuals who are worthy a topic to express one's thought out of it and those who feel that what you say is too much to be heard but also by insecure brainless ants.... (the truth is, either they are not willing to listen or cannot catch up). My whole life, I've encountered these kinds of people. My entire life, I've been exposed to many opinions and upbriningings that I can'y easily catch up with by in me, I have the willingness to learn, to learn from them and to listen to others' opinions - no matter how hard they are to comprehend because nothing is hard at all only if you have the pomp and might to pump up your curiosity, dear lads and lasses. What lesson is at hand? Learn to listen to others, learn to critique to benefit others and at the end of the day, being mutual - in conversation, etc - is a fruitful way of living the right to hear and to be heard. Who likes it when you've been speaking for 10 minutes or so but nobody listens anyway? So pissed off. In Berlusconi's words, "God bless the imbeciles." Adios...